Our patron, GA Design, sharing their experience
Our patron, GA Design, sharing their experience

JAQUAR – visit to factory and experience center 17-18 January 2020

Our visit to the Jaquar factory was very informative. We were impressed with the combination of modern technology, robotics and human hands used to manufacture sanitary fittings with such precision and varied finishes. Their attention to quality control and staff management is particularly noteworthy. The experience center in Manesar is state-of-the-art and it was interesting to learn of the journey of Jaquar right from the time it was founded by Shri N L Mehra until now.

Our interaction with Mr Rajesh Mehra, Mr Krishan Mehra and Mr Parichay Mehra proved to be very insightful. They have a deep understanding of the needs of clients and are very open to suggestions of all kinds. I am happy to see their creative approach to bringing their products on board to suit all kinds of requirements.

The Mehra family and the entire Jaquar team including Mohit, Sairam and Ruchika were extremely hospitable and made sure all of us were well looked after throughout the experience.

We look forward to a continued association with Jaquar as it seems to be the best one-stop solution for bathrooms.

Sachin Goregaoker & Shami Goregaoker

Director | Design Director

GA design