6 unique shower curtain ideas for your bathroom

A minimally decorated bathroom with simple aesthetics is the most common way people go about to spruce it up. And one of the easiest yet most underrated ways to change or set the tone of the bathroom is through the shower curtain. While sinks, faucets, bathtubs, and other bathroom amenities of the like are fixed, shower curtains take up little space, and can easily be swapped out. Moreover, shower curtains come in a range of styles, colours, and even fabrics, allowing you to have your pick.

But there’s always more than meets the eye. Here’s a look at a few unique shower curtain ideas to consider for your space:

Choose a theme
Shower curtains don’t always have to be drab or plain. You can add to the look and feel of a bathroom by choosing a certain theme, which you can then enforce through the shower curtain. For example, colour is an important factor when brainstorming bathroom curtain ideas. People will choose white or cream coloured curtains because this is touted as the epitome of class and elegance. However, a solid colour shower curtain can actually add a different emotion to the space. An aqua coloured curtain in a bathroom instils a relaxing, serene atmosphere.

Placing heavy drapes outside of an alcove bathtub easily adds a dramatic element, and the fabric can easily be protected by placing a curtain liner in the interior. You can also choose something with more vibrancy, or match the curtains with the colour scheme of your bathroom. Blues, yellows and blacks are popular options.

Think outside the box
Instead of your typical polyester or vinyl curtains, experiment with different fabrics and materials. Sometimes shower curtains are bought to serve a different purpose than keeping the water contained in a shower area. In the case of shower enclosures, a curtain isn’t needed but might offer privacy and add a decorative element. Choosing a tall stone slab, screen partition or room divider instead gets the job done and simultaneously brings a unique design to the table. Intricate lattice panels and glass panels are the most unique choices which suit any style.

Mix and match
Creative bathroom curtain ideas include using multiple panels. Place a transparent or plain shower curtain between two colour block curtains, or between two shower curtains that are patterned. And if you’re looking to really amp up the decoration, place a curtain in a solid colour where the curtain liner would usually go, and place a beaded curtain on the exterior. This shower curtain idea looks stunning in minimal bathrooms since they immediately grab your attention when you first enter.

Play with patterns
Bathroom curtain design matters a lot - whether it’s a simple chevron, polka dots, colour blocks, stripes, or herringbone, or something more intricate, like geometric patterns and graphic prints. You can also choose shower curtains that focus more on effects and embellishments. Ruffled curtains look beautiful billowing near a bathtub, and curtains with tassels or an unfinished fringe hem look minimalistic but chic. Ombre curtains and marble patterns also create a stylish effect.

Change your curtain rods
Something as simple as switching out your traditional curtain rod for a more stylish one can give your bathroom a whole new look. Imagine a tropical bathroom curtain design with emerald green leaves paired with white curtain hoops, and then imagine the same curtains with a rustic gold curtain rod. The latter helps bring out the colour of the print on the curtains, making it more suitable for the design. Whether it’s bronze, copper or a matte black you’re looking for, there are a number of different colours and metallic accents you can choose from.

Most people assume that curtain railings must run as a straight line from one wall to another. In reality, there are several different types of rods, tracks and railings, each meant to be installed for the type of bathtub or shower amenity available. For freestanding bathtubs, oval-shaped rods can be placed overhead so that the curtains enclose the tub properly. Clawfoot shower tracks are similar to clawfoot tubs and are meant for the same - the oval track hangs from the ceiling above the tub to ensure complete privacy. Ceiling mounted curtain tracks are best suited for corner tubs, as the curve of the track allows the curtain to fan out evenly.

Revamp your bathroom with these unique ideas to style your space as you please. If you’re looking to redesign or renovate your bathroom, head to Jaquar for luxury fittings and bathroom amenities.

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