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Save Water, Every Drop Counts
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Water is the necessity of our life, without water, life is difficult to dream. A few days back, we had celebrated a day that was dedicated to the most precious & rarest gift of the nature, and most importantly, to draw attention towards the significance of water in our lives- World Water Day.
Jaquar World- A Complete Bathroom Destination Showroom
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The wait is finally over! Feel your dream bathroom turn into reality with Jaquar World – A Complete Bathroom Destination Showroom. Jaquar World offers everything one could aspire of in the bathroom space, from designer faucets, scintillating shower
Jaquar Orientation Centre- A Destination For Complete Bathroom & Lighting Solutions!
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Jaquar Orientation Centre is a one stop destination for Complete Bathroom & Lighting Solutions. We help you conceptualize your dream bathroom concept and turn it into reality.
Tips to spruce up your Bathroom
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When all else fails, take a bath! A bathroom is a place to relax and recharge, the room where you start and end your day. So it should be designed as beautifully, as any other room of your home.
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