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6 reasons why you should visit a Jaquar Orientation Centre if you are planning a new bathroom.
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Although on the surface of it, planning a new bathroom might look quite easy, but scratch the veneer and the subject becomes quite tricky as selecting bathroom fixtures can be a mind-boggling exercise. With so many design options, styles and brands in the marketplace, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed.
Choosing the best bathroom wash basin designs: A guide
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Picking a sink entails taking into consideration several bathroom wash basin designs. It demands attention to detail, starting with structural variables, including the positioning of water pipes and drains. Beyond this evaluation, it is prudent to take into account factors such as functionality, style and space.
5 disabled-friendly bathroom design ideas
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Designing bathrooms for disabled people, particularly for those in wheelchairs, isn’t easy. Convenience and safety are two key components of a handicap washroom and wheelchair accessible bathroom.
Here is How You Can Fix a Leaking Shower Pipe
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A hot shower can fix your bad days and make you feel renewed. But, when the shower malfunctions, how many of us know how to fix a leaking pipe? Most of us would call a plumber to get the work done properly, but that isn’t always necessary when it comes to simple problems.
#TechnologyInBathrooms: How home tech innovations are making a way into your bathroom
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As technology evolves our homes are getting smarter and so is our bathroom. Technology has now made way into water closets, faucets, showers and shower enclosures, geysers and heat pumps, steam cabins and steam stools...
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