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All You Need To Know How A Water Heater Works
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Winter is coming and you need to get your water heaters back in motion! To battle those biting cold winter days and feel just as fresh as you did during the other seasons, getting the right water heater should be on your agenda.
Know All About the Types of Toilet Flush Systems
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Our homes have gotten smarter. Our bathrooms, perhaps, have gotten a lot smarter too, with technology that one simply couldn’t fathom a few decades ago. From simple mechanics to flamboyant state-of-the-art technology, bathrooms are now considered a wellness zone that rejuvenates you one fresh shower at a time.
Best Diwali Light Decoration Ideas For Your Home
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In India, religious festivals are considered to be a huge deal with mandatory celebrations in order. It’s more than just a public holiday, it’s a way of making changes in one’s lives and bettering themselves in every occasion.
8 sublime design ideas to make your small bathroom look big
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It is safe to say that the bathroom is the most utilitarian space in any household. It is also one of the few rooms where you get to spend a bit of “me” time on a regular basis – whether you are a stay-at-home mom under your toddler’s constant watch or an entrepreneur working round the clock.
Gift yourself a Shower Enclosure this Diwali and you will be thanking yourself every day
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Diwali is here. The “What should we get this Diwali?” question has popped up in your head again. Is it going to be the same old curtains or jewellery or clothes and sarees or one of those gadgets – another TV or music system for the bedroom? You’ve even gifted your family a car on one of the Diwali’s or travelled to exotic places.
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