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How will COVID-19 impact the bathroom design at homes?
Almost all the things in our bathrooms – the sink, the toilet, the bathtub, the toothbrush holder, and the white tile on the floor and on the walls, the towel rack – are designed the way they are, because of infectious diseases. During the late eighteen hundreds, all elements in the lavatory – bathtub, water closet, basin, and foot-baths – used to be encased in wood and had elaborate carvings. They were made to look like classy furniture in a room rather than a toilet as they did not want to reveal what they did in the bathroom.
A list of benefits of hot showers
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The number of searches for hot showers shot up in recent times as people attempted to figure out ways to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. It was assumed that hot water could kill the virus altogether. In reality, a shower with extremely hot water can be harmful to your skin. Moreover, the body’s temperature remains between the same range, no matter the temperature of the water. The way to fight the disease is to continue practising social distancing and frequent hand-washing.
How to make a homemade handwash ?
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COVID-19 has got all of us rushing to the store to buy handwash. Handwash has become the single most important commodity to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Because of this, handwash sales have skyrocketed the past few weeks and in many stores, handwash stocks are running out quickly too. So, why wait in line for hours to buy handwash, when you can make it yourself at home?
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