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Why you should invest in an automatic soap dispenser?
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With the growing need for safe hygiene during this global pandemic, bathroom sanitation is a rising concern for many. Especially since proper handwashing has been cited as an important practice to prevent COVID-19. For this reason, many are considering the adoption of sensor technology and contactless amenities in public and private spaces. This smart technology may be the future of bathrooms to prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria to the maximum extent.
The advantages of sensor taps
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The need for contact less technology and utilities has risen in order to maintain hygiene, which is paramount during this pandemic. This is especially important in bathrooms, both public and private, which is why people are turning to sensor taps. Research shows that faucets are the second-most bacteria-ridden spots in the majority of bathrooms, second to the toilet bowl. This is because faucets are used a frequent number of times throughout the day to rinse and clean our hands.
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