Shower Wall Panel: How To Choose The Best One For Your Bathroom?

What is that oomph factor whenever you look at bathroom designs in architectural digest and home centre catalogues that makes you want the same. What catches your eye at first? Beyond the smaller details like faucet designs and shower heads, it is the bathroom’s shower wall panel. Interestingly, bearing the same name of ‘shower wall panel’, there exists two completely different bathroom fittings. In this article we outline what is a shower wall panel, the different types and how to find the best one for your bathroom.

If you are planning to give your house a makeover it is best to start off with the bathroom. Once a smaller space like the bathroom is redesigned, it will give you the confidence to do the same with your entire house. There are a plethora of sources for bathroom renovation ideas. Even if you just whisper, or think about it, Instagram will flood you with bathroom renovation ideas! (Try it!)

What is a shower wall panel

Shower wall panel or bathroom wall panel as it is commonly known are simply just stylish, modern alternatives to shower wall tiles. These bathroom wall panels have been in vogue in the recent years given its range of colors, textures and designs. Almost all the shower wall panels now have waterproof features which gives it the edge over ceramic shower wall tiles which are extremely hard to maintain owing to grout joints.

Modern shower panels give the walls around your wet area or entire bathroom a sophisticated look and finish. They are increasingly gaining traction in bathroom renovation ideas conceptualised by designers and architects. These shower panels can also be mounted on existing tiles as long as they are leveled. They come in subtle greys and greens, bold boho patterns, natural stone and glossy finishes that cater to your overall bathroom aesthetics and taste.  The shelf life of a bathroom wall panel lasts up to 15 years. The variety in colours and finishes and ease of installation make it an excellent starting point for your bathroom remodelling.

Shower panel - A symbol of opulence

Another simple way to give your existing bathroom a touch of luxe is to invest in a shower panel. Confused? Well what we explored so far above is an alternative bathroom tiles. Though going by the same name, a shower panel is a single unit system with multiple shower functions to give that ultimate luxurious and relaxing bath experience. Installing a single shower panel can transform your bathroom into an opulent paradise.

Shower panels are ideally a foot or two tall and have multiple functions like shower heads, hand showers and body sprayers fixed at different angles and places on the shower panel that shoot off water in an almost water jet-like motion, taking you to zenith of relaxation while taking a shower. The temperature and pressure of these water jets can be regulated with the shower panel’s smart control system. The shower panel as a whole unit can be simply mounted on your shower wall.

Initially shower panels were only bought by the extremely well of class or you would see them in star hotels. But the demand for shower panels has increased off late owing to its posh look and designs which has led to more affordability. So you need not worry about burning a hole in your pocket to buy a shower wall panel.

How to choose the best shower panel for your bathroom?

Shower panels come in various sizes and materials. At first these were being manufactured only in aluminium and steel only. The demand for cheaper options paved the way for shower panels in a variety of materials like fibre, hardwood and temper glass. So surfing through them all and picking the right one may become a task. Here’s a list of things you can look at while purchasing a shower panel


Shower panels come in different lengths ranging from 1 foot to 6 foot, different width and thickness. Pick an shower panel appropriate to the size of your bathroom. Measure the distance between your ceiling and the floor and look for shower panels that fit the size.


Pick a design that goes well with your existing bathroom decor. Ensure that the shower panel will be aesthetically pleasing in your bathroom. If your bathroom has a minimalist look, get a sleek and simple stainless steel modern shower panel. Or if you have a more traditional style bathroom with wooden cabinets, go for a royal hardwood shower panel.


Shower panels are usually packed with impressive features. However you need not necessarily go for the high-end ones with inbuilt radio, bluetooth, massage jets etc. Pick the ones that are essential for you. A shower panel with temperature and pressure control features are highly recommended. Additionally there are many other features like dual shower heads, shower jets, massage jets, LED mood lights, sensor pause feature (to save water when not in use like shampooing), rainfall jets, built-in music system etc.

Jaquar, one of the best bathroom fittings brands in the world offers an array of shower panels in stylish colours and designs. They are uniquely designed for Indian bathrooms and can fit even small bathrooms perfectly. The Jaquar shower panels come fitted with thermostatic mixers that can regulate the temperature of the water, ensuring you have the utmost relaxing bath.

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