Choosing the right bathroom health faucet: what you need to know

When choosing fixtures and amenities for your bathroom, you choose your washbasin, taps, bathtubs, showers, and toilets with great care and an eye for detail. However, the level of thought that goes into choosing a health faucet should hold the same level of prudence.

Known under different names - bidet shower, hand faucet, and bathroom health faucet - these bathroom amenities are undeniably an essential part of any bathroom. They are convenient, hassle-free, and most of all, they enable better personal hygiene. Cleanliness is also well maintained, with accuracy and ease.

While there are two types of bidet sprays, namely an attachable butterfly spray and a detachable hand spray, the latter is more popular. Health faucets are essentially handheld nozzles with a trigger, which enables the delivery of a spray of water. These are connected to a water source through a pipe near the toilet. In between uses, the nozzle is placed in a stand attached to the wall.

There are different things to know and consider before purchasing a health faucet for toilets, especially because it is utilised on a daily basis. Here are the top things to know when choosing a health faucet:

Durability and hygiene
Something most people don’t know about bidet spray is that metal trumps plastic. A metal bathroom health faucet is always of higher quality and even offers better hygiene. Particles tend to become embedded or stuck in the openings of a plastic spray, and this is not the case with a metal nozzle. Metal is also more durable, being resistant to the buildup of hard water deposits, which usually break or clog plastic quickly. For these reasons, you should always choose a metal hand faucet for your bathrooms.

The pipe, also called the supply hose, is an important element to consider as it connects the nozzle to the water source. When making the purchase, ensure that the length of the pipe and its flexibility are optimal for better reach. Ideally, a pipe should be between 15 cms or 1.5 feet in length, based on the distance between the wall hook and the toilet. You should also ensure that the pipe is leakproof - if it’s made of PVC, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to avert this common plumbing problem.

You’ll know if a piston is of high quality based on the material and whether or not it has been tested for the number of life cycles the trigger system can withstand. The trigger is how you can control the water pressure for different uses, and testing this out for yourself can help you decide whether or not it is limiting. A good health faucet for toilets will deliver both high and low pressures based on the amount of force you press it with.

Speaking of water pressure, a good bidet shower has thicker pore openings in the head of the nozzle. This allows consistent water pressure throughout years of usage and prevents the nozzle from becoming clogged with the buildup of hard water deposits. This way, regular leakage and fluctuating water pressure are prevented. Once again, the material of the health faucet should be of a non-corrosive metal so that it does not wear away or rust with daily usage.

Before you purchase a bathroom health faucet, ensure you measure the height between the floor and the mark you want to place your wall hook. This should be close to the toilet so that it’s easy to reach back and grab. Doing so will help you figure out what the length of the pipe should be. You should also look into whether or not you want a direct connection to the water or source, or if you’d like your bidet spray to be connected to a tap. There are different nozzles and pipes available for each of these variations.

Of course, the design, colour, and finish of the spray should be in line with the rest of your bathroom and its fixtures. You should also check with the seller if they provide a good service and repair scheme, along with long-term warranty.

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