Shower Panels

Jaquar’s Shower Panels make showering much more convenient, since they are almost like shower stalls which fit even in a small bathroom.


Thermostatic diverter ensues anti scalding while taking a shower.

Jaquar shower panels are made of steel or a PMMA body finish.

Has 3 adjustable vertical jets for massaging the neck, waist and thighs.

The shower panels are pre-fitted with overhead & hand showers and are easy to install.

Shower panels can define your bathroom, and make your shower area look sleek and stylish. It also acts as a division between the shower area and the rest of the washroom. Jaquar offers the best shower panels in India to let your bathroom look stylish and remain efficient at the same time. The shower panels from Jaquar have thermostatic mixers to let you control the temperature of the water. So, whatever season and weather it is, you can enjoy the water flow, however you like it. The shower panels offered by Jaquar are also easy to install and require less effort to set it up and get it started. These shower panels for bathrooms also enhance your shower experience and offer various flexibility options that make it easier for you to shower with ease. These shower panels come in different colours and designs, making it look as stylish as possible. The shower panels are also perfect for small bathrooms, and you can pick from the size you want. If you are looking for the best shower panels online, head to Jaquar’s website or shop at any of their stores today!

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