Opal Prime Whirlpool

Opal Prime Whirlpool


Design Philosophy: The design of the Opal prime whirlpool is based on the concept of 'seamless continuity'. An elegant minimalist approach to create a streamlined elongated oval form that unwinds to create a continuous profile.

Coordinated Design Concept: Opal prime whirlpool/ bathtub comes in complete coordinated family of faucets & Sanitary ware. The heart of every faucet, the cartridge is responsible for controlling water supply.



  • Unique Shape for faucet Installation:
    Broad top panel to install bathtub filler.
  • Provision to convert into free standing bathtub
    To enhance the aesthetics one can convert the recessed Bath Tub/ whirlpool into free standing Bathtub/Whirlpool.
  • C Shape side panel
    C shape side panel gives smooth & clear front for seamless design continuity.
  • Super Slim Brass Water Jets
    8 Super slim brass water jets are specially designed to enhance aesthetics & comfort for user.
  • Micro Brass Air Jets
    Specially designed micro brass air jets for soft massage on the body with straight flow of air, touching skin in a targeted manner.
  • Slim Water Suction Cap
    Improvised water suction cap with more safety and hygiene for the user.
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