What is a thermostatic mixer, and why you need one?

After a gruelling day at work and enduring the hustle and bustle of travelling, mixed with pollution at the end of the day, there’s nothing more inviting than taking a much-needed long shower before retiring to your room. Be it the biting winters of New Delhi or the sultry summers of Chennai; thermostatic mixers are out in the market, catering to all your water temperature needs and better shower experiences.

First thing’s first – What is a thermostatic mixer? 

It’s a thermostatic valve that uses smart bathroom technology to control your desired water temperature. It blends hot and cold water to ensure a safe shower that doesn’t leave you shivering or scalded, controlling extreme temperatures while bringing in water from various sources.

Internally, a thermostatic valve working principle involves a piston that helps in ensuring the water flows at the same temperature throughout, intermingling with the hot and cold water portals. Apart from the piston, there’s also a return spring that functions when there’s a decrease in temperature. Together in tandem, the piston and return spring are instrumental in maintaining the constant temperature flow.

Externally, however, the thermostatic mixer comes with two knobs, based on the design you opt for. Upon moving the knob, you can control how you want your shower. Look for the signs that indicate hot and cold on the knobs, and embark on a pleasant showering experience!

Why do you need a thermostatic mixer?

We all crave a fuss-free shower. Sometimes, after a particularly bad day, you look forward to feeling rejuvenated. It is said that a good hot bath can help in alleviating stress, opening up all your pores and helping you stay calm.

It saves time

With a thermostatic mixer, you save time. Thermostatic mixers come with technology that quickens your shower time, preventing you from constantly fiddling with the taps and channelling your inner scientist to achieve that perfect mixed temperature. With knobs that are self-explanatory, all you need to do is kick back and take the shower you’ve been looking forward to after a long day.

It is safe

Perhaps the most important aspect of thermostatic mixers is the fact that it bears safety in mind first. If the temperature goes beyond what it was set for, the water flow is automatically stopped. With the presence of a child lock, they are more suitable for households with children or the elderly. The idea behind this technology is to simplify showers and make it equally safe.

It conserves water

To put it simply, in the event of your shower time getting interrupted, you can just turn off the tap. So when you resume your shower, the temperature will remain unchanged. This helps in avoiding any water wastage by reducing the reaction and possible changes in temperature without feeling the need to constantly regulate it. The best part about thermostatic mixers is that it has the ability to save water. Backed with the latest technology in terms of its multi-purpose functionality, they can help in conserving water wherein it ensures that not a single drop goes to waste.

How do you choose your thermostatic mixer?

Bearing the aesthetics of bathroom fittings in mind, a thermostatic mixer is quite an economical option. Apart from being safe, it doesn’t require two different taps to function. Used in the shower area, it comes with two knobs – a hot and cold one. Upon opening the little, single lever, mixed water flows in. Rest assured, you needn’t worry about the water temperature changing even when a toilet is flushed, a washbasin used or water being extracted for the washing machine.

However, before you zero in on a thermostatic mixer, ensure you know your home water system well. It is essential to understand the water pressure in your bathroom and the extent to which you can make tweaks and changes to the system. Consult with an expert to choose what would be more compatible with your water needs. Post this step, move on to the design and aesthetics part.

Jaquar’s new series of thermostatic mixers, Aquamax promises maximum performance, flexibility and safety, offering seven designs to choose from based on your bathroom interiors. Functioning with ease even when the pressure is low, Aquamax Thermostatic Mixers are durable enough, catering to all the three outlets that most water systems come with. Each design differs from the other and comes with nine colour finishes, allowing you to pick and choose based on your bathroom colour scheme and style.

In the mood for that steaming hot shower that leaves you energised? It’s just a knob away! Head out to Jaquar for innovative bathroom fittings and transform your bathroom into a wellness zone.

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