Smooth and hassle free functioning

With Jaquar’s Preventive Maintenance Service’, Prioritise routin Care and upkeep of the most critical part of your bathroom for Smooth and hassle free functioning.

•  Opening & cleaning of aerator.

•   Opening & cleaning of internal cartridge.

•   Opening & cleaning of health faucet.

•   Opening & cleaning of flush valve.

•  Opening & cleaning shower inlet.

•   Clearing blocked holes of shower & body jets .

•   Where observed, eliminating hardness of faucet movement.

•   Adjustment of flush valve flow, if required.

•   Cleaning of mirror, glass and related accessories.

•   Chrome surface polish with Glitz – the cleaning agent for removal due to water deposition on bath fittings, so as to maintain the Shine.

•   Wax polish on the inner surface of the body of whirlpool /bath tub.

•   Cleaning of SPA filters

•   Training on product maintenance, if desired.

•   Provision of any functional information, if desired.
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