Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

For us at Jaquar Foundation, reaching out to underserved communities is part of our DNA. We believe in the trusteeship concept. This entails transcending business interests and grappling with the "quality of life" challenges that underserved communities face and working towards making a meaningful difference to them.

Our vision is – "to actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. In so doing build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society and raise the country's human development index".

 All of our community projects will be carried out under the aegis of ‘Jaquar Foundation’.


“Swachchha, Swastha Awam Sikshit Bharat”

 Identification of projects
All projects / programs will be identified in a participative manner, in consultation with the community based on a consensus and discussions with the concerned authorities, projects would be prioritized.

 Presently, our focused projects are:-

1. Promoting Education amongst children from weaker / poor section of society. We will extend financial support to schools for their education.


2. Skill development – as our nation is in shortage of skilled plumbers, we will contribute to recognize Plumbing Institutes / Organisations for the training of interested youths in country. We will set up a Plumbing Academy in NCR region for imparting skill / advance training in Plumbing and allied areas.


3. Health care – we will sponsor hospitals / health institutes for the treatment of patients from underprivileged sections of society for various types of diseases.


4. Under Rural Development Program, we will construct public utility complex (toilets), night shelters, and training centres at various schools, public places in coordination, cooperation and consultation with the concerned Authorities.


Organisational mechanism and responsibilities

Jaquar Foundation initiatives and Rural Developmental activities will provide the vision under the leadership of Mr Rajesh Mehra, one of the Directors & Promoters of the group. This vision underlines all CSR activities. Jaquar Foundation has a Head-CSR, Mr Kanwar Shamsher who reports to Mr Rajesh Mehra, Chairman, CSR Committee. All the units CSR activities are governed by the Corporate office Plot No.3, Sector – 11, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon.

CSR Committee

To ensure un-interrupted implementation & compliance of various projects / programs undertaken, the company has formed the above committee which is comprised of the following Directors of the Company.

Mr Rajesh Mehra                -           Chairman

Mr S K Mehra                     -           Member

Mr Ajay Mehra                   -           Member

Mr Parichay Mehra             -           Member



The company will allocate the specific budget to the CSR division in the beginning of each financial year based on 2% of the average net profit of the company earned during the immediately preceding three financial years. The CSR division, thereafter, would freely utilize the fund for various identified projects / programs thereby extending its dedicated support to the society as a whole with respect to the CSR activities.

Our proposed expenditures for the financial year ending 31st March, 2015 are as follows:-

a) Public utility complex (toilets blocks)

We will construct above complexes at 10 locations (80 toilets) for which average cost per location works out to be approx. Rs. 13.60 lacs putting together it would be Rs. 1.36 crores.

b) Two Night Shelters measuring 20’x40’ for which average cost would be Rs. 10 lacs

     each (20x40x1250/- per sqft) and putting together the total cost would be Rs. 20 lacs.

c) Revival of one Plumbing Training Centre named “SEWAK” under DRDA (District

     Rural Development Agency), Gurgaon. The approx. cost would be Rs. 5 lacs.

d) We will sponsor to Don Bosco Technical Skill Training Centre at Bangalore. The total cost would be approx Rs. 20 lacs (Infrastructure set up –Rs. 12 lacs one time and Operational cost – Rs. 8 lacs per annum).

e) Patients Welfare Society – St. Stephens Hospital, Delhi

We will sponsor the above society for 2 beds for one year duration which means 120 patients per year. The average cost per patient is Rs. 30,000/- totaling to Rs. 36 lacs per annum.

f) Patients Welfare Society – Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi

We will sponsor for the treatment of poor patients to the tune of Rs. 10 lacs per annum.

g) Patients Welfare Society – St. Parmanand Hospital, Delhi

We will sponsor for the treatment of poor patients to the tune of Rs. 10 lacs per annum.

h) Patients Welfare Society – Sahayata Charitable Trust, Chandigarh

We will sponsor for the treatment of poor patients to the tune of Rs. 3 lacs per annum

i) We will sponsor the following NGOs / Schools for providing co-education to the underprivileged students of the society.

i) MDAV School, Chandigarh

    Rs. 4 lacs per annum 

ii) Prayas (NGO), Delhi

    Rs. 4 lacs per annum 

iii) Sai Probodhini School, Delhi

             Rs. 4 lacs per annum


Implementation schedule

Some of the above projects / programs are already in process and will soon come in the execution stage and will be completed by March, 2015 end.

Further, the implementation of the above projects / programs will be as follows.

i) All the toilet blocks, night shelters and revival of plumbing training centre (Sewak) above will be completed by March, 2015.

ii) Payment to the hospitals, Trust/NGOs and Schools will be made through cheques by 31st March, 2015.

Monitoring Process

All the CSR activities will be executed under the supervision of CSR Committee. Quarterly meeting of CSR Committee will be held for detailed discussions / reporting of various projects going on to the board of Directors.

Surplus arising from CSR Projects or Programs

There will be no Surplus from the CSR Projects or programs. However, in case any surplus arises out of the CSR projects or programs or activities, it shall not form part of the business profits of the company.


About Jaquar Group

Jaquar Foundation is a division of Jaquar Group, a leader in complete bathing solution, formed with a mission to continuously spearhead CSR related initiatives under Swachh, Swastha Avam Sikshit Bharat which signifies Sanitation, Health and Education.


I.) Education (Skill Development Initiative)

Jaquar has observed that the gap between demand and supply for skilled worker is gradually increasing; plumbing is one such skill set with huge gap. The need for plumber is not only for maintenance & repair of products/pipe line but also for installation during construction. The poised growth of real estate needs to be complemented for availability of skilled manpower. It is important to note that plumbing skill used is not only restricted to water but for gas and oil also. With over 54 year experience in bathing industry, Jaquar under its CSR initiative decided to undertake plumber training. The objective is to train unemployed youth in specialized skill sets and develop them as a trained plumber. This would not only help them to generate enough for their livelihood but will contribute in make in India initiative. The training will encompass teaching on safety measures, tools & its use, type of water resources, type of pipes & its uses, piping fittings, bathing fittings (including modern fixtures) , green house norms and water discharge.


The training will be on 80-20 concept; 20% of theory & 80% of practical. Under the skill development initiative of Hon’ble Prime Minister, the program SEWAK is under taking plumbing skill training through association with Jaquar Foundation, Gurgaon. Unemployed youths with even qualification of 8th class are enrolled under this program. This training program would be of six months that includes three month field training and 3 months class room training. For the initiative, DC Gurgaon office has allocated Jaquar land measuring approx 3000 sq. ft. at Vikas Sadan (Gurgaon) for constructing a big training centre with the provision of further expansion  i.e. 1st and 2nd floor; which will subject to need. We are confident that the new building will ready in a time span of appx. 4 months. Initially the training centre will be used for plumbing skill training. Upon completion of 3 months classroom training, on-the-job training will be imparted with the help of DRDA.


Later, apart from the plumbing training, the centre will be utilized for training other skills too such as refrigeration & air-conditioning, mobile phone repairing, domestic electrical installations & repair. Jaquar is pleased to share that first batch of 10 students for plumbing training has been started since March’15 in the existing building named SEWAK at Vikas Sadan. Jaquar is also partnering with other organizations in the country for taking forward plumbing skill development in other parts of the country. Jaquar Foundation has also adopted almost 100 needy students at different schools in Delhi and Chandigarh for support required for their education. Based on the guidance and direction of District Magistrate - Noida, Jaquar Foundation has also agreed to adopt 10 schools where 2000 underprivileged students will be extend all necessary support required for their study.


II.) Health Prevention

Under this initiative Jaquar Foundation is associated with following bodies:


  • St. Stephen Hospital, Delhi: Jaquar Foundation has sponsored 2 beds in the hospital for treatment of polio/parsley affected patients for a period of two years.
  • St. Parmanand Hospital, HP: Jaquar Foundation is sponsoring Cataract operation and Gynae surgery for underprivileged patients.
  • National Thalassemia Welfare Society, Delhi: Jaquar Foundation has sponsored Infusion pumps and required medicine for under privileged patients which will be provided from time to time.

Recently, we have had a detailed meeting with the District Magistrate, Noida where he suggested Jaquar Foundation to undertake the immunization program for poor children up to the age of 5 years.  This drive has been initiated since 13th April, 15 in Noida; UNICEF & WHO are also partnering in the program.


III.) Sanitation

Under sanitation initiative, Jaquar Foundation has already started construction of toilets in certain schools in Gurgaon and few are under planning.   Jaquar Foundation will also make toilet complex at various public places in Gurgaon.


About The Group:

Jaquar – A Complete Bathing Solution Group

Experience bathing like never before with aesthetically designed high quality bathing products from Jaquar Group. With over 54 years of continuous research and development, Jaquar has established itself as a leading global and trusted bath brand, known for its excellence in innovation and technology. Jaquar was built on the platform of highest quality standards, aesthetics and with the intent of providing world class products. At Jaquar, products designs meet global parameters on ergonomics, finish, material, safety standards, environmental impact and functionality. A one stop solution brand for all bathing needs, Jaquar has hi-performing faucets, showers enclosures, and sanitary ware and wellness products in its coordinated portfolio A renowned ‘Super Brand, Jaquar is a truly global bath brand with a presence across 30+ countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia- Pacific and Africa. Known for the highest and globally accepted quality standards in material, technology and processes, Jaquar is today recommended by a global architects and interior designers for some of the leading international residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Jaquar approach to design has resulted in many achievements, including wining the prestigious iF design award among others, which illustrates the global appeal of its portfolio.


Key Highlights: 

  • World class brands, products and ranges for residential and commercial purpose
  • One of the fastest growing bath brands in the world.
  • Presence across 30+ countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia- Pacific and Africa
  • 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread over 100,000 sq. mts with most modern machine and processes.
  • Producing over 22 million bath fittings annually.
  • Half a million happy new customers joining Jaquar family every year.
  • Over 6000 committed work force across the globe.
  • Global quality certification: SASO, WRAS, ISO, BIS and TISI
  • Tenfold growth in a decade.
  • Over 5786 employees

CSR Activity- A.D.C office Mar 9'2015
CSR Activity- Vikas Sadan May 2'2015