Aqua Swim

Size: 449 X 231 X 130 cm
Product Code: WSP-SLV-AQUASWIM1300
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• SV2M SPA Controller
• Digital Control Panel
• Powerful and Efficient Pumps
• Set & Forget Control System
• Programmable Circulation Material
• Thermo bond 4 layer shell construction
• Extreme Heat Lock Insulation - Optional
• Reinforced Foot Wall
• Duraflex Plumbing
• Lockable Hard Cover
• Programmable Filtration Cycles
• Paper Filters
• Ozone Filtration.
• UV Sterilizer Filtration System Pump
• 2.5 HP Jet Pump – 2 units
• 250W Programmable Circulation Pump
Spa - Hydroglow
• Programmable Multi-Colour LED
• Perimeter Waterline Lighting – 20 units
Installation & Utility Comfort
• A perfect solution for limited space.
• A preferred solution, small size water body.
• Waterproof
• Plug & Play
• Exercise & Fitness Ready
• Large size swimming area
• Multiple current speed control
• Grab Bar for beginner support
• Exclusive Design
• Beverage Holder

Product Name: Aqua Swim1300 Top Version
Size: 449 X 231 X 130 Cm
• Dry Weight : 638kg
• Filled Weight : 7438kg
• Electrical Requirements Max:  20 Amp
• Swim Jet : 2
• Thermo Bond : 4 Layer
• Frame : Steel Frame
• Hard Cover : Yes
• Swim Hand Rail (Bar) : Yes
• Cabinet : Optional
• Base : Optional
• Shell : 10 Years
• Electricals : 2 Years
• Jets : 5 Years

• Beautiful: Aqua Swim Pool is aesthetically clean and elegant with a lot of added
features like water features, stunning pool lights, elevated spas, poolside walls,
and more.
• Low maintenance: Because of nonporous surface of Aqua Swim Pool, it inhibits
the growth of algae and reduces the amount of sanitizing chemicals required to
maintain the pool. Whereas concrete pools are very porous and need to be
frequently broomed or swept with a pool brush to remove algae from the pores
of the plaster or aggregate surface.
• Less chemical use: Aqua Swim Pool has a nonporous shell and a water filter
fitted-in resulting in substantial reduction in usage of chemical. On the other hand
concrete pools are very porous, more chemicals and filtration are required to
prevent algae. The alkaline pH of the pool shell also constantly raises the pH of
the water, requiring the frequent addition of acid to counteract the effect.
• Built-in seats and steps: Our Aqua Swim Pool design has seating, and all have
steps incorporated into the shell of the pool.
• Non-abrasive surface: The surface of Aqua Swim pool is smooth to the touch.
• Manufactured in a controlled environment: Aqua Swim pools are built in the
controlled climate of a factory to ensure utmost quality standards with zero
tolerance on defects.
• Leak proof: Aqua Swim Spa is designed and tested for being leakage proof
ensuring clean and healthy surroundings.
• Plug & Play operation: Our Aqua Swim Pool is built off-site, hence the
installation occurs more rapidly. Whereas concrete pools come with longer
installation time, usually 3 to 6 months.
• Little or no lifetime cost: Aqua Swim Pool comes with minimal maintenance, no
added investment and lowest repair cost. On the contrary concrete pools will
need to be renovated every 5 to 7 years. This involves resurfacing and re-tiling
the pool at an exorbitant expenditure depending on size and shape of the pool.


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