• Soft water flow

    Aerators Integrated with honeycomb structure give protection from lime buildup and provide soft flow of water.

  • Operates smoothly

    Wide-angle lever provides increased comfort and flawless smooth operation.

  • Higher Longevity

    The cartridges are tested 5 lakh times to ensure a longer and trouble free operating life.

  • Higher Durability

    High plating thickness (Nickel 10 micron & chrome 0.3 micron) provides tolerance to extreme climate and water conditions.

  • Advanced water saving flow restrictor

    It restricts the water flow up to 1.3* ltr per min at 3 bar pressure.

  • Optimum flow and temperature

    The faucets work smoothly at high temperature (up to 85 degree) and various pressure conditions (0.5 to 5 bar)


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  • In- built Control System

  • Save Water

  • Twin Flow System

  • Less Noise

  • Slim Wall Plate

  • Go Green

  • Cost Effective


  • Installs directly in 20 mm (3/4”) pipeline

  • Installs in a 4” wall - no need to construct a separate ledge wall

  • Saves money

  • Saves the space needed for a flush tank

  • Makes repeated flushing possible, unlike concealed cisterns which take time to fill up after flushing

  • No need to wait if waste is not cleared in one flush

  • Makes flushing less noisy than cisterns

  • In-built control valve

  • Easy maintenance - the control stopcock can be shut with the help of a control key provided on the plate. The cartridge can be accessed by simply removing the front actuation plate

  • Aesthetic appeal - Slim wall plate imparts a clean look to the bathroom

  • Works even at a pressure as low