• Absolute Quality of Materials

    Jaquar Hydromassage showers are made of co-extruded acrylic, which does not discolour and has a long life. This hygienic material, together with the smooth surface and tempered glass shower enclosures, makes cleaning an easy part of the product experience.

  • Stability and Mechanical Resistance

    Jaquar shower boxes are characterised by stability and solidity thanks to the zinc-plated steel frame that ensures maximum rigidity of all the components.

  • Easy Installation

    The installation of the shower boxes is as easy as it can be, the metal frame carries the elements and is simply put together.

  • Safety

    The range of hydromassage showers meets all the relevant safety standards which are currently in effect. E.g. the shower tray surface is ribbed, providing for an excellent anti-slip grip and the steam generator that turns itself off automatically after the preset timeout.

  • Digital Control

    It allows you to manage all manual control functions including sequential back rain jets, back jets, waterfall cervical massage, duration of vertical hydromassage, steam bath function, light, radio and white LED lighting.

  • Control Units

    All the hydromassage shower functions can be simply adjusted through easy-to-use control units.

  • Manual Control

    It allows you to manage showerhead and vertical jets as well as activate the steam-bath function.

Multifunction Noor Steam Corner Left

Size: 1200 x 1200 x 2040 mm
Size: 1200 x 1200 x 2040 mm
Multifunction Noor Steam Corner Left

Multifunction Noor Steam Corner Right

Multifunction Noor Steam Corner Right

Multifunction Noor Steam Corner Left

• 3 Adjustable vertical jets
• Steam bath ( 2,7 kW) and aroma dispenser
with extractable drawer for essential oils
• Chromo light
• Stainless steel head shower 380x380 centered on shower area
• Enclosure- 6 mm tempered clear glass
• Profiles and column finish-brilliant
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