Vol-1, Issue-4
Cover Story
Artize ShowerTronic iV6
Introducing The Revolutionary Artize ShowerTronic iV6

Artize ShowerTronic iV6 is an intelligent water mixer system, which automatically maintains the water temperature and flow rate during showering. At the touch of a fingertip on the high-durability, waterproof touchpad, you can choose your shower mode, control the temperature, and manage water flow.

Showering experience

ShowerTronic iV6 Technology

How does Artize ShowerTronic iV6 do a better, more precise, more reliable job of giving you water at the temperature you desire?

Showering luxury

ShowerTronic iV6 Features

A perfect balance between functional simplicity and technical complexity, ShowerTronic iV6 has been designed to be ultimate in showering luxury.

New Arrivals
Opal Prime

Jaquar OPAL PRIME - New, Modern, Minimalistic

Jaquar presents a classic with a redesigned, upgraded aesthetic. Featuring a new, optimized spout length. Available in color finishes with wide range of options.

Essco Aspirer

Essco ASPIRE - the single lever basin mixer

Essco introduces a new single lever in basin mixer - Aspire. It has been developed in such a way that it is not only superior in quality, stylish but also within reach of everyone. A value for style, modern basin mixer for aspirational bathrooms.

News Events
Launched Tiaara

Artize launches TIAARA at the iGen Design Forum 2016

Launched with fanfare during the iGen Design Forum 2016, Tiaara by Artize is more than just a faucet.


Jaquar acquires majority stake in Korean Joeyforlife - ET

Jaquar Group invested USD 1.2 million to pick up a 51% stake to expand its global footprint.

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