Jaquar Plant Visit of Kenyan Delegation

Monday, August 8, 2016

Jaquar Plant Visit of Kenyan Delegation

Jaquar Group and Doshi Group organised a visit to Jaquar plant for quality training of 18 Delegates from Kenya, Africa. This was to provide an Eye-Opener of the Jaquar brand in the Modern Bathing Industry.

7th June’16 Plant Visit for the Kenyan Delegation was accompanied by Mr. Parichay Mehra, Mr. Dilip Thakker, Mr. Rajeev Ranjan and Mr. Vaibhav Shandilya.

Later Gala Dinner was hosted by the Directors of Jaquar Group at Trident Hotel, Gurgaon for the Delegation.

On 8th June’16, Delegation visited Delhi OC accompanied by Mr. Rajeev Ranjan and Mr. Vaibhav Shandilya. Later the Kenyan Group visited Jaquar International Headquarters. IBD team took Delegation for a short tour of the HO.

Later IBD Team, (Head - International Business) Mr. Dilip Thakker gave a brief presentation to the entire group of architects/ Specifiers about the products like- Linea basin mixer, New wellness range, Ornamix Prime, Maze Shower, I Flush, Showertronix, colour ranges of faucets & Lighting range.

Later Mr. Rajesh Mehra joined the presentation. It was a detailed discussion on the products, its quality and functionalities & how it can add the value on their up-coming projects, as well as highly enhancing the increase of customer satisfaction.

Mr. Mehra also highlighted the key features of Jaquar International Headquarters based on Net Zero Building.

Positive response was received from the architects/Specifier which clearly shows that they accepted and appreciated the products and hospitality of the Jaquar Group.


The Jaquar Group proudly organized a trip to the famous Taj Mahal for the Architect/ Specifiers on 06th June’16 accompanied by Mr. Vaibhav Shandilya. This had brought a bundle of joy to the entire team.