7 Types of taps you need to know about before you go shopping
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If the thought of renovating your home has crossed your mind, you aren’t the only one. Millions of people think of the same almost everyday. But when you start renovating your home, ensure that you do...View More
7 tips on how to use bath tubs more efficiently
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You have bought yourself a bath tub and are excited about soaking yourself in it and leaving all your worries behind. After a long, hard day or week, you come back home and look at ways to relax and y...View More
4 Spa designs that will help you destress and unwind
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In today’s age, people have found many ways to unwind when they are stressed. A few turn to a hobby that keeps them occupied while some look to gaming or exercising. But the most common and popular me...View More
5 signs you need to buy a new geyser
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A working geyser is an essential in most households. A water geyser is vital for daily tasks in a household such as bathing, cooking, cleaning and laundering. Many people enjoy a hot water shower befo...View More
6 best and economical tips for remodeling bathroom
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Most people ring in the New Year with conviction to start making tweaks in their lives, habits and homes. In order to start the year with a brighter and healthier life, most home owners give their hom...View More
Solving 5 instant geyser problems that you may encounter
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As winter makes progress throughout the country, every Indian home has only one thing on its mind, “hot water showers”. Whether it is before starting off the day or after a tough day’s work, a hot wat...View More
How and why should you have a dry bathroom?
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Have you noticed there’s always a high-level appeal and allure to the bathrooms maintained at star hotels and resorts? There’s a distinct difference between the ones we maintain at home and the high-e...View More
Luxury bathroom accessories: All you need to about Jaquar's Queen's Prime range
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Heard of the saying ‘to live life queen size’? Ever wanted to experience the personification of that saying? You can revel in the feeling of royalty right from home.The personality of your house direc...View More
Make your bathroom a healing station with these different shower systems
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A long warm water shower after an exhausting day at work is so healing it could resurrect the dead. Your bathroom is your healing station. It is a stress-free zone, from the moment you enter to the mo...View More
5 Modern luxury bathroom designs with sensor solutions
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While designing a home, the bathroom is often the most neglected space. But in reality, there are so many designs you can opt for. When you are spending time in the bathroom you can gather your though...View More
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