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How to Pick the Ultimate Bath Tub
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Along, tranquil bath at any time of the day can transport one to a delightful, cosy zone. The lovely, calm atmosphere it creates is indeed unmatched. The comforting sound, the soft warmth and the tiny...View More
Transform Your Bathroom with these Premium Accessories
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Bathrooms that ooze rich but relaxed vibes can quickly become anyone’s safe haven. Imagine soaking in a warm bath after a long day at work or having practical accessories handy to make your life easie...View More
#DidYouKnow: Bathrooms today have hi-tech thermostats, which have an efficient hi-flow system that ensures a bath at a safe, stable temperature, even at low pressure.
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The 6 am alarm starts ringing and with a deft swipe, Rahul puts it to snooze. In no time the stupid phone is ringing again. He picks up the phone and sees its 10 minutes past six. His hand, which is o...View More
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