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5 points to keep in mind when using public restrooms in a pandemic
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It has been a year since the world was crippled due to a pandemic. Overnight, life as we knew it came to a sudden stop and we were forced to be locked in our homes for our own safety. As time progress...View More
How to fix a leaking toilet
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Nothing may put you off more than coming back home and realising that your bathroom is a wet mess because of a leaking toilet. Toilet leaks cause many issues such as damp surroundings that can become ...View More
7 Types of taps you need to know about before you go shopping
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If the thought of renovating your home has crossed your mind, you aren’t the only one. Millions of people think of the same almost everyday. But when you start renovating your home, ensure that you do...View More
7 tips on how to use bath tubs more efficiently
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You have bought yourself a bath tub and are excited about soaking yourself in it and leaving all your worries behind. After a long, hard day or week, you come back home and look at ways to relax and y...View More
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