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Bathroom lighting ideas for your powder room
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The common bathroom – popularly referred to as the guest bathroom or powder room – is a vital space in every household. A neat and clean powder room, that is well-maintained and brightly-lit, creates ...View More
What is a thermostatic mixer, and why you need one?
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After a gruelling day at work and enduring the hustle and bustle of travelling, mixed with pollution at the end of the day, there’s nothing more inviting than taking a much-needed long shower before r...View More
Types of water heaters and their benefits
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No household these days can function without a water heater. Gone are those days when you had to put up with extreme water temperatures and resort to manually heating water yourself, taking up the ard...View More
How to choose the right Water Heater for your home?
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Come September, the ninth month of the year, marks the beginning of the end of summer. As autumn sets in, it’s that time of the year, when on some days, you feel the refreshing cold shower that you ha...View More
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