Save Water, Every Drop Counts
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Water is the necessity of our life, without water, life is difficult to dream. A few days back, we had celebrated a day that was dedicated to the most precious & rarest gift of the nature, and most im...View More
Jaquar World- A Complete Bathroom Destination Showroom
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The wait is finally over! Feel your dream bathroom turn into reality with Jaquar World – A Complete Bathroom Destination Showroom. Jaquar World offers everything one could aspire of in the bathroom sp...View More
Jaquar Orientation Centre- A Destination For Complete Bathroom & Lighting Solutions!
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Jaquar Orientation Centre is a one stop destination for Complete Bathroom & Lighting Solutions. We help you conceptualize your dream bathroom concept and turn it into reality....View More
Tips to spruce up your Bathroom
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When all else fails, take a bath! A bathroom is a place to relax and recharge, the room where you start and end your day. So it should be designed as beautifully, as any other room of your home....View More
Come and Join us at ISH Messe Frankfurt 2017
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ISH- The World’s Leading Trade Fair for the Bathroom Experience, Building Services, Energy, Air Conditioning Technology and Renewable Energies. It is the World’s Biggest Exhibition that covers all as...View More
7 Bathroom Design Ideas to spruce up your space
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When you look at your bathroom, do you feel satisfied? Or do you think that more can be done to enrich your experience there? After all, the bathroom is where you get time to yourself and your thought...View More
Small Investments, Massive Upgrades!
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We renovate our house every year around Diwali, add new utilities to the kitchen every now and then, bring in a new LCD TV for the living room every few years and change the mattresses in our bedroom ...View More
Rejuvenate Your Personal Healing Station – Bathroom!
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A long warm water shower after an exhausting day at work is so healing it could resurrect the dead. Your bathroom is a stress-free zone, from the moment you enter to the moment you exit...View More
Bathroom Trends 2021: Enhance Your Healing Station This Year!
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With easy access to social media like Instagram and Pinterest where you can find endless ideas to spark inspiration on home and bathroom decor, it becomes essential that you update your style of habit...View More
Jaquar – Proudly Made In India For The World!
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Having faith in yourself is the key to success and it can lead you to win any world! Ever since our liberation and even before that, we have believed in being self-sufficient and self-supporting...View More