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If you always desired to bathe in a shower enclosure but thought that it was a luxury meant for a few who owned large bathrooms, had enough time, money and patience to install one, then this is for you. Jaquar has recently launched the OPTIMA Sliding Shower Enclosure range, which keeps pace with your changing lifestyle. Because it’s quick and easy to install! They are not only elegant, and sleek but also ready-to-fit and have next day delivery. In short, it’s revolutionary.

Shower Enclosures are fast becoming an integral part of the modern bathrooms. Besides serving the functionality of segregating the wet area effectively and keeping the bathroom dry, clean, hygienic, bacteria-free and safe, it gives elegance and style to the bathroom.It takes the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom decor to the next level and turns it into a sanctuary after a hard day’s work.


How to choose the right shower enclosure? 
Although the benefits of having a shower enclosure in a bathroom are many, deciding to choose one is not easy. They come in various shapes if you are planning to position it in a corner – square, rectangle, quadrant, offset quadrant, pentagon, offset pentagon, semi-circular. Then you have the option to choose from various door options – hinged, pivot, in-swing, bi-fold, sliding. You just can’t pick up something from the market that takes your fancy. Although there is a shower enclosure to suit every space, there are too many practical considerations that need to be taken into account before installing one.  You have to understand that a certain type of shower enclosure won’t fit in any kind of space. And that’s not all.


Placing the Shower Enclosure:
The first step to acquiring a shower enclosure is finding the perfect spot in your bathroom to place it. If it's a tiny bathroom, wrong placement of the shower enclosure can soon turn out to be the most terrible decision and utter waste of money. So you have to be extremely careful about its location.

If you have crossed the first two hurdles successfully, getting your first show enclosure is still a couple of steps away. In fact, choosing and installing the perfect shower enclosure is quite challenging.


Why does it take so long?
Shower enclosures are generally time-consuming to install as they need to be customised to the space you have allocated it. As the glass needs to be cut to the required size, precise measurements precede before executing the order. Handling glass is not easy. It’s fragile. It can get scratched or distorted or both. So it’s best to leave it to shower enclosure manufacturers, experts like Jaquar, who have automated factories that produce them with minimum human interference. This means minimum chances of error.

It’s important for you to know the manufacturing process of shower enclosures before getting into acquiring one, lest you should take some shortcuts, which turn out to be rather expensive lessons to learn on the subject.


The manufacturing process:
They start by using raw sheets of glass which are highest in quality handled with the latest machinery. The sheets of glass are picked up using suction and placed on cutting machines, where they are cut to the required sizes using a tool with a diamond tip. The glass is then separated and kept with immense care on an edge grinding machine to smoothen out the rough and sharp edges.

After this accurate holes are cut using high-pressure water jets. The glass is then sent through a glass washing machine where they are washed using demineralised water. This removes any tiny grain of glass left during cutting as well as the dirt which may lead to scratches. The glass emerges crystal clear, which then undergoes the process of tempering which ensures the strengthening of the glass.

Here the glass is heated in a furnace to a temperature in the range of 675 to 700-degree Celsius. The hot glass is then cooled rapidly to extreme temperature increasing its tensile strength by 4-5 times over normal glass. Thus, making the glass used in shower enclosures safe to use. Even after going through a process of tempering the glass has to go through a quality test as glass is susceptible to distortion at high temperature.

The process is complicated enough and even trying to get one assembled locally is a far-fetched idea. Therefore, it is much safer to go with branded manufacturers even if they took long durations for customising your shower enclosure.

Well, this was the actual situation until the launch of Jaquar’s OPTIMA Sliding Shower Enclosures. The OPTIMA with its ‘Power of 3’ has revolutionised the concept of placing, choosing, buying and installing a shower enclosure.

The Power of 3:
Jaquar recently introduced the OPTIMA Sliding Shower Enclosure range which takes an altogether new design approach. They are specifically designed to cater to your pace of modern lifestyle. Manufactured in accordance with the stringent European norms, these shower enclosures are built with the underlying concept of Power of 3!

They are Ready-to-Fit, Next day Delivery and Fast Execution. The Power of 3 actually addresses each of the problems with a solution.


How did Jaquar achieve it?
The biggest problem the Jaquar OPTIMA solves is the location to place the shower enclosure. Oftentimes the corner is the obvious choice to place a shower enclosure. But the OPTIMA has been designed to fit from wall-to-wall. They don’t require much customising. As customising takes time, by minimising the customisation, Jaquar has managed to save an enormous amount of time.  Let us explain this with an example.

If you are living in a city, chances are you are staying in an apartment built by a builder due to rapid urbanisation. These flats are generally well designed where bathrooms are small personal spaces with superior optimization. Architects have been working really hard designing compact bathrooms so that you can get the most out of them. These bathrooms you will notice come with a well-defined bathing area. This built-in bathing space is inevitably in the shape of a cubical with one side open or housed by walls on three sides.

Jaquar saw an opportunity here and came up with the idea of covering this open side in the bathing area with glass sheets from wall to wall with a sliding door. By doing so they reduced the number of sides to deal with from four to one. For this open side, they prefabricated 16 glass panels of different sizes. With minor adjustments they could practically cater to all possibilities of wall to wall shower enclosures. Thus, reducing time consumed in workmanship of a shower enclosure drastically. This resulted in reducing the time of installation as well. In the process, Jaquar managed to reduce the cost of a shower enclosure making them affordable and within the reach of many.


Ready to fit:
Jaquar OPTIMA shower enclosures are ready to fit and not tailor-made. Fitting a shower enclosure using both walls, or using two corners, as in an alcove, is a great way of optimum utilisation of your bathroom space. And the OPTIMA range of sliding shower enclosures does exactly that. With 16 different sizes of glass panels, OPTIMA can cater to almost all wall to wall shower enclosure requirements which allows it to fit almost into all the bathrooms. In a way the OPTIMA shower enclosure can be a solution to most bathrooms in urban India, unless it is not a mason’s house with the bathing area right in the middle of the bathroom and not a corner.

Next day Delivery:
Since the 16 different glass sizes are prefabricated, and stocked with local distributors across the country, Jaquar manages to have them in their inventory all the time. Jaquar therefore, is able to dispatch your OPTIMA shower enclosures the very next day. Yes, there is no waiting or time consuming processes to bear with. All that is required is a little bit of planning and inventory management by Jaquar.


Fast Execution:
Installation of shower enclosures always meant accurate measurements. But with prefabricated glass sheets of 16 different sizes, all you need is the distance between the two walls. OPTIMA shower enclosures enable quick assembly on site. Adjustment possibilities can cater to almost all wall to wall shower enclosures. In fact, OPTIMA shower enclosures require Zero Production Time and boasts of the fastest installation.


Sliding Door Feature:
Jaquar’s OPTIMA Shower Enclosure models are elegant, sleek and have quiet operation as they come with sliding doors. The effortless movement of the sliding doors make it convenient to operate. In fact, the sliding door plays an important role in making the shower enclosure ready to fit, in its next day delivery, and immediate installation. Sliding doors in a shower enclosure are ideal for bathrooms which have limited space for the door to swing open inside or outside.


Features of OPTIMA Shower Enclosures:

Rollers on channel:
As the door is sliding it does not open inside or outside. The door slides through a channel quite smoothly, and effortlessly. In this model, the rollers are at the top of the door and hidden inside the top channel. Since the channel is not at the bottom, there is no chance of dirt or water accumulation leading to malfunctioning of the rollers. In fact, the door operates quite silently too.

Damp Strip:
There is a small, almost unnoticeable gap at the bottom of the sliding door but it is covered with a damp strip, so that there are no water leakages from the gap at the bottom of the door. 

Magnetic door closure:
The door of OPTIMA closes with the help of a magnet on the wall but there is no door lock in this model.

Toughened Glass:
Jaquar uses the highest quality of toughened or tempered glass measuring 8mm for its OPTIMA range of sliding shower enclosures, manufactured in their own fully automated state-of-the-art tempering unit, as per the Indian and European safety norms. These standards ensure that the glass passes through stringent quality checks ensuring consistency and safety. Raw float glass or heat-treated glass should never be used, which could shatter and result in serious accidents. It is therefore considered sometimes safe to purchase a shower enclosure from one of the leading brands like Jaquar.

Anti-lime scale treated:
Jaquar shower enclosures also undergo special hydrophobic treatment on the inner glass surface, which repels water, oil, soap and helps to keep the glass clean with minimum effort. It prevents lime-scale build up, bacterial growth, and water spots on the glass. Jaquar also offers its customers different glass options to choose from like: clear, extra clear, frosted and textured glass with a variety of patterns. These patterns add elegance to your bathroom décor and provide uniqueness to your shower enclosure.

Colour options:
Jaquar offers black matt colour option for Optima sliding models. However, if you want one the delivery period required is between 15 to 20 days.

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