New Office Setup Checklist for Startups

Startups have become an indelible part of the business ecosystem in the country. New businesses, small-scale and large-scale ones, are burgeoning in the market with a swankier interface, latest technology and young teams, equipped with knowledge of the digital age. Several startups keep mushrooming in every area, starting small but growing over time. Office spaces, too, have evolved, adopting an informal environment, with everything representing something new age and edgy right from the furniture to the interior decor in and around the office.

Wondering where to begin for your new office? Here’s an easier guide!

Choose the right location

If you are a startup, it’s necessary to begin on a good note. The location of a new office speaks volumes about the company and even entices new team members to join and customers to visit. The site needn’t be an expensive area with state-of-the-art facilities. It could be in an area that’s convenient in terms of travel and connectivity while factoring in basic amenities such as reliable electricity and water, good internet connection and telephone signal. In addition, it should also have enough access to credible restaurants and eateries.

Lighting and fittings

A new office needs to bear in mind their electricity expense and use it wisely. The startups of today take affordable measures that are easy on the environment, too, and ensures work is never affected. Choose lighting solutions that make your office look brighter and hospitable with a combination of warm and cool lighting. LED lights are cost-efficient, energy-efficient, made of eco-friendly elements and last longer than your typical electric bulbs and tube lights. They also come in an array of products such as bulbs, panel lights and tube lights that can change the overall persona of any office, especially when it is uniformly applied. Your workplace’s lighting plays a key role in setting the overall tone of your office. Even applying minor tweaks to your bathroom lighting can leave your coworkers beaming with pride.

Quality bathroom fittings

The bathroom says a lot about a workplace, about their style and importance towards hygiene. An office might look extremely impressive on the outside, with the latest technology and interior decor tempting potential employees to start a career there. However, when something as necessary as the bathroom isn’t maintained or given due importance, it can make an employee frustrated. Often when bathrooms at offices (especially new ones) aren’t given due importance, it showcases a lack of protocols or processes that the company follows to ensure a sanitised environment.

The interior of an office can resonate with the bathroom, too. For instance, an office with minimalistic furniture in the lobby can try the same in the bathroom too. Or if an office is surrounded by colourful patterns and detailed interiors, the same can be applied in the bathroom, too, to keep up with the theme. It’s never a pleasant sight when you enter a badly maintained bathroom after being floored by the office room’s electrifying decor.

It is crucial to ensure your workspace is designed in such a way that it becomes visually, verbally and non-verbally attractive for coworkers. Include efficient and attractive looking faucets, taps, washbasins, mirrors, and incorporate premium accessories – all equipped bearing good hygiene in mind. You could also install a rimless toilet bowl to reduce the build-up of bacteria and improve hygiene. Bearing aesthetics in mind, you can make the bathroom stand out and bigger, add good lighting, choose the best fixture, and paint it in a colour that lights up one’s mood.

Good ventilation and air conditioning

Remember when as a child, your parents always ensured that you studied in an environment that didn’t interfere with your preparation? Similarly, to ensure that work goes seamlessly, it’s necessary that the environment, too, is comfortable with enough ventilation and natural light. With the lack of an air conditioner or cooler, the office could get unbearably hot and stuffy. Similarly, a cold office can trigger a bad cold or fever and pass it on from coworker to coworker. Ensure your space has enough windows to facilitate fresh air and keep your coworkers in high spirits. When an office lacks proper ventilation, it can lead to the building up of pollutants and affect the health of employees. Given how dynamic it is to work in a startup, the last thing new companies would want to battle is an infection that rages on and spreads.

An office that caters to your basic needs in style always contributes to making a favourable work environment. Imagine being surrounded in an office that ensures you are comfortable while you perform your duties with ease! For high-quality bathroom fittings and fixtures, head out to Jaquar and choose the best for your new office.

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