Save Water, Every Drop Counts

Water is the necessity of our life, without water, life is difficult to dream. A few days back, we had celebrated a day that was dedicated to the most precious & rarest gift of the nature, and most importantly, to draw attention towards the significance of water in our lives- World Water Day. Let’s continue the celebrations by taking a pledge of conserving & recycling water for the next ourselves and generation!

Save the Silver Drops

Save water as it will save you later! The first thing that is taught by our parents and teachers, while growing up, is to save water for a better future. These days, there are many water saving technologies that have been introduced to the market, however, many of you might not have opened to such innovations. Don’t worry; this blog would reveal some great water-saving technologies and products that could conserve the silver drops for us!

Save Water with Latest Technologies

Jaquar is playing a crucial role in conserving water and making the world a safe place to survive in. We aim to make your life easy, simple and hassle-free by introducing latest water saving green products. Jaquar offers an exclusive range of water-efficient products that could help you conserve water.

Sensor Faucets

Sensor taps, from Jaquar, are one of the best products that save water up to 80% due to their innovative design and smart technology. These faucets are designed with a low flow rate, with an aerator. They stop working if they no longer detect the presence of hands, which make them quite a pick for those who understand the significance of water.


This sensor tap for wash basin is a must-have for the public toilets as it is easy-to-use and highly innovative. This automatic faucet is a melange of style and innovative technology that gives a distinctive edge to it. Designed to offer care, it includes a combination of superior quality brass cartridge known for its high performance and ensures less spillage & lesser water wastage. This water efficient product is known to be quite effective for public places such as schools, hotels, airports; restaurants etc. due to its easy-to-use feature and its design also add style to public toilets.

Smart i-flush (Flushing Valve)

Apart from smart sensor faucets, Jaquar offers a smart flushing valve that conserves water and also save space at your bathroom. This smart technology not only saves water but also save space due to its intelligent flushing mechanism and sleek design.

This intelligent flush valve is perfect for bathroom installations due to its compact design that allows them to fit under grab bars. And the sleek, modern look gives it great aesthetic appeal, making it a smart choice for upgrading and modernising your bathroom!

Save The World

In a nutshell, more than a personal choice, it is a necessity to conserve our resources that are rapidly depleting and water is one of the resources. Jaquar believes that conversation is the second nature and through our eco-friendly design ethos, we are contributing in saving a precious resource. Jaquar Green Products will help you to cut down the wastage of most precious resource. As a global manufacturers of bathroom products, we are well aware of our responsibilities and preservation of water as a natural resource. Go Green is a philosophy embraced by us as a tenet of its design and production process to save water.

This year, don’t just preach or teach people about saving water but do something to save your planet and future generations.

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