Smart bathroom technology you never knew you wanted

In today’s modern era of technology, smart homes have become the main topic of conversation in lifestyle blogs and magazines. With millennials joining the bandwagon of home buyers, the need for tech-savvy home goods is now greater than ever. In the last few years, technology has evolved to permeate every aspect of our lives from lighting to refrigeration and security systems. But one area of the home that is slowly incorporating new technologies to improve convenience and comfort is the bathroom. Here are some smart bathroom ideas you may want to incorporate in your home.

1. Sensor taps

Adding digital fittings to your bathroom not only increases convenience but also allows you to be more eco-friendly. Saving water is important, especially in the bathroom, and we often keep the tap running even if we don’t use it. A great way to overcome this problem is with a sensory tap. This tap reads the user’s movements and automatically turns on when it senses that your hands are under it. This touchless smart bathroom technology is also hygienic as you don’t spread the germs from your hands on to the tap or vice versa.

2. Automatic toilet

Your days of wasting water when using the toilet will come to an end with an automatic toilet installation. These fancy toilet fittings have numerous capabilities and don’t even require the use of your hands. The features include a motion sensor, seat warmer and a water spritz. Toilets with the water spritzing capabilities are also called bidets in small bathrooms.

These smart bathroom technology features are both eco-friendly and extremely convenient. The water spritzers are not only hygienic but also save a lot of water. More modern toilet fittings come with a sensory water spritzer so they know exactly when to dispense water. If you happen to live in a cold environment, the heated toilet seats can be very comfortable. Additionally, motion sensors can perform numerous functions, they can flush the toilet as needed and, in some cases, the toilet lid can also go up or down when it senses someone approaching.

3. Shower technologies

Nothing beats a hot shower after a long day or a cold shower to wake you up in the morning. Bathroom shower fittings have advanced in recent years to make the experience more comfortable and luxurious than ever before. The latest bathroom shower fittings come with various smart bathroom technology features like automatic controls of the water temperature, the flow and added steam. Some bathroom shower fittings also come with Bluetooth connectivity and allow you to play music while others come with a TV mounted on the wall so you can catch up on your favourite TV shows. If you really want to enhance your bathroom experience, you can also incorporate Chromotherapy which is mood enhancing lighting attached to the shower handle. The Rainjoy Shower, for example, provides you with an array of showering modes like waterfall, rain and mist, to give you a holistic showering experience.

4. Luxury bathtubs

Don’t limit smart bathroom technology to just fancy light fixtures and faucets. For those who like to relax after a long day, a great addition to the bathroom would be a high-tech luxurious stand-alone bathtub. Bubble baths with colour bath bombs have become incredibly popular and this has led to new bathtub technologies that make the experience more enjoyable.Pick from luxurious bathtubs that include individual seat jet pressure control, Wi-Fi functionality, Bluetooth music system, set-and-forget control system and foot jets. More recently, bathtubs also come with a hydrotherapy function so you can get a massage while relaxing. You can even install a small cooler near the tub to chill your drinks and transform your bathroom into a wellness zone. With such profound benefits, it is safe to say that these bathtubs are nothing less than a spa at home. Check out the Avante spa range from Jaquar and make bathing a royal affair.

5. Plug in heat pumps

Nothing beats a good shower, so a heat pump is a great addition to smart bathrooms. Traditional water pumps are large and occupy a lot of space in the bathroom. A great alternative to this is a heat pump water heater. These heaters are efficient, eco-friendly and are easy to maintain. This water heater transforms natural air into hot water more efficiently than a regular water heater. The Integra Heat Pump Water Heater from Jaquar comes with various features like an LCD Digital Display, various heater modes like Eco Mode, High Heating Mode and Fast-Heating mode, along with a Relief Valve to release the excess pressure that is created during the heating process. This plug-in water heater is effective and compact, adding great value to smart bathrooms.

The bathroom is one of the spaces in your home that has the most potential to incorporate all the latest smart bathroom ideas. You can use these various fittings to create a spa experience in your home. What’s more, a high tech shower and faucet can also help you save a lot of water. Head out to Jaquar for cutting-edge smart bathroom technology and upgrade your bathroom today!

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