#SmartToilet: How home tech innovations are making a way into your bathroom

As technology evolves our homes are getting smarter and so is our bathroom. Technology has now made way into water closets, faucets, showers and shower enclosures, geysers and heat pumps, steam cabins and steam stools, bath tubs and saunas – virtually every gadget in the bathroom. The sole objective of introducing technology has been to improving convenience, hygiene, health and conserving water and energy to provide you with the ultimate experience in a bathroom.

Some of you want to make your bathrooms more energy efficient to save water and electricity, while others are more concerned with hygiene and the spread of germs; and some look for conveniences such as automatic functions and preferred settings of temperature, pressure and flow rates; while some although few, look for wellness for health reasons.

Thermostatic Shower Mixers:
For all those who have been experiencing bathing trauma for lack of a technology driven shower in their bathrooms and fear the sudden changes in water temperatures from tundra-cold to scalding-hot, before arriving at a steady flow of water at a bearable temperature, you can now take solace in Jaquar’s Aquamax Thermostatic Shower Mixer. The mixer’s anti-scalding technology conceptually is so revolutionary that it will change the way you take a hot shower for ever. It’s so convenient, safe and economical that it’s a must for every bathroom. It blends hot and cold water to ensure you get a safe, uniform, constant bath outlet temperature of 38 degree centigrade or whatever temperature you have set as your favourite, so that you have a comfortable showering experience. The Aquamax allows you to switch off the shower to save water and energy, and then simply restart it at the same temperature.

AQUAMAX Thermostatic Shower Mixers:

Jaquar’s Aquamax comes in two categories:

  1. A hi-flow thermostatic mixer which comes in options of 1 & 2 outlets and
  2. A hi-flow single lever diverter with 3 outlets which can operate 2 adjacent modes/outlets simultaneously.

The Aquamax works efficiently even in low and high water pressures. There is no need of any pressure pump. The temperature remains constant for the complete duration of shower. There is no temperature variation even if there is a sudden drop in pressure – such as drop in cold water supply due to flushing etc. If the cold water supply ends abruptly for some reason, it stops.

Nine design styles and ten colour finishes to choose from:
Besides having all the conveniences, the most important feature of the Jaquar AQUAMAX Hi-Flow Thermostatic Shower Mixers lies in its aesthetics. The exposed covers offer style – nine sleek and contemporary design options for the exposed part – literally a visual feast.  Its universally concealed body, housed in 9 contemporary designs – Kubix Prime, Opal Prime, Ornamix Prime, Vignette Prime, Alive, Aria, Florentine and 10 colour finishes – make it a complete bathroom solution.

The advantages of thermostatic shower mixers are many over ordinary shower mixers. So if you are looking for a hi-tech shower that maintains an exact water temperature for the duration of your shower and protects you from scalding due to sudden changes in water temperature or water supply to the shower, even if someone flushes the toilet or turns on the kitchen faucet in your house, then go for the Aquamax.

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