Why you should invest in motion lights for your bathroom?

If asked about motion detector lights, most people would think of outdoor motion lights for enhanced safety. While motion lights are proven to improve home security, the possibilities don’t end there! From cutting down electricity bills to adding convenience to your lifestyle, motion lights can make life easier, both indoors and outdoors. Installing motion-activated night lights can especially help lighten up dark areas of your house and can save your energy consumption. Learn how opting for motion lights can be the perfect opportunity to upgrade your bathroom!

To begin with, what are motion detector lights?

Simply put, motion sensors can detect any movement from heat waves emitted by moving objects. Motion lights consist of an electronic eye that senses these movements to turn their lights on, and will remain active for a particular period or will go off when the movement stops.

It is advisable to use motion lights in medium-to-low movement rooms. For example, installing motion lights in a kitchen or common hallway would mean the room will be illuminated for long hours, especially if you’ve set the lights to turn off only after a certain period of inactivity. This is why it’s more efficient to install motion lights in your bathrooms, as it’s easy to forget to turn off lights in low-traffic areas of your house.

Benefits of having motion lights:

As we’ve mentioned earlier, motion lights are commonly known for their added home security. However, there are a plethora of reasons why investing in motion sensor bathroom lights are worth it! Here are a few important reasons listed below:

  • Convenience: As you may have already guessed, most motion lights do not require any touch! This makes it elderly and child-friendly. Motion-activated night lights especially come in handy while navigating to the bathroom during the dark.

  • Low energy consumption: Since motion lights solely depend on movement, it can help you conserve energy, thereby making them eco-friendly. By automatically turning off the lights when not in use, you will never have to worry about shutting off the lights before going to bed!

  • Safety at night: Motion lights illuminate dark spaces without needing to search for the switch to turn it on. This can particularly be useful in powder rooms/ guest rooms to make them more comfortable and accessible.

  • Cost-effective: Not only do motion sensor bathroom lights provide convenience and security, but they can also keep your electricity bills low. Motion sensor bathroom lights consume about 5 watts of energy when inactive, and only 1 watt of energy when active. This makes them more affordable and accessible as these lights consume less energy. Low cost, high impact!

  • Controllability: The best aspect of motion lights is that you can adjust the sensitivity based on your needs. You can control how easily and frequently motion detector lights are activated in your bathroom. If you have children, you can choose to adjust the sensitivity to detect any movement easily. If you have a room that is rarely used, you can adjust the sensitivity so that lights turn on only when someone uses the room.

  • Aesthetic appeal: A comfortable ambience is essential in bathrooms as this is an intimate zone where you let yourselves loose and de-stress. Motion lights are a great addition to this as they can be both efficient and decorative!

Choose the right motion sensor bathroom light for you.

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by the wide range of motion detector lights to choose from. Making an informed decision about your preference will go a long way in keeping you satisfied and happy with your bathroom choices. Here’s a short list of how motion sensor bathroom lights can be used:

  • Vacancy motion sensor: This motion sensor will need to be turned on manually, but will turn off once it detects no movement in the bathroom.

  • Occupancy motion sensor: This motion sensor will turn on and off as you leave and enter your bathroom.

  • Dimmer motion sensor: This motion sensor will only turn on based on your preferred dim level. You can adjust the sensitivity based on your needs.

To put it in a nutshell, motion lights can be a great addition to your bathrooms as they’re convenient, eco-friendly, and you won’t have to fumble around in the night to find the light switch! Check out Jaquar’s home lighting categories and range of smart bathroom technology to make your household easy to use.


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