Pros and Cons of Concealed tank toilets - Are they worth it?

Less is more. This is an almost unspoken rule when it comes to architecture and interior designing. And that is exactly what a concealed tank toilet does to your bathroom. It elevates the sense of spaciousness and makes the bathroom seem palatial. A concealed tank toilet is where the cistern or the top tank part of the toilet is not visible. It is installed behind the wall or bathroom wall panel hence is hidden. The toilet bowl seems attached to the wall and only the flush buttons are visible. Whereas the exposed cistern toilet is found with the top tank visible outside and is located at the rear end of the toilet bowl.

An exposed cistern toilet is the more common type of toilet observed across homes and offices owing to its affordability. However, a concealed toilet is one of the modern bathroom ideas that is gaining popularity among bathroom connoisseurs.  Let's look at some of the pros and cons of a concealed tank toilet and assess why it is popular

Some of the benefits that make a concealed toilet a clear winner are:

Luxurious in style

It's all about style these days. More than just bare necessities of having a clean bathroom, making a luxurious style statement with your bathroom fittings is all the more important these days. The concealed tank toilet with its huge cistern concealed behind the walls revealing just its flush buttons gives an eccentric look. The buttons and its pad come in various textures like gloss or matte finish and bold colours like red or in classy black.

Modern in features

A concealed tank toilet is the most sought after type of toilet system in high-rise buildings, luxury apartments owing to its sleek and modern look. Jumping on the bandwagon of executing modern bathroom ideas, commercial buildings and premium office spaces are also opting for this model of toilet. With more and more people opting for regular home makeovers, installing a concealed tank toilet gives your bathroom the modern look, and you as a homeowner be updated with premium bathroom fittings that are in vogue.

Great space saver

Installing a concealed toilet immediately makes the bathroom seem spacious and airy as the big part of the toilet, the cistern is hidden behind the wall. Especially if you opt for a wall hung cistern, with only the toilet pan protruding, an illusion of extra space is created as the floor and wall beneath the toilet bowl is exposed. It is excellent to start with for small bathroom renovations

Easy to clean


With the absence of a cistern it is easier to clean the bathroom walls, as there will be no build up of mold, mildew or bacteria behind the cistern. It is easier to clean over the closed toilet pan and under it if it's a wall hung cistern.


Reduced noise


Don’t be tricked into thinking a concealed tank toilet is just for the looks. A cistern that is concealed behind the walls essentially means decreased flushing noise! How classy is that? On the contrary to loud flushing noise made by exposed cistern toilets, there is minimal noise made by concealed toilets. This means you can use the bathroom even in the middle of the night without disturbing anyone’s sleep in the bedroom.


Increased resale value

Home designers and buyers increasingly increasingly look at Pinterest, Instagram and other community forums for insights on modern bathroom ideas or small bathroom renovations designs. With most of the latest trends showing in-wall cisterns, a house with a concealed tank toilet is sure to shoot up on its resale value. As wall hung cisterns and concealed toilets in general will appeal to the buyer as premium bathroom fittings, naturally boosting the value of your property.

Now that we have looked at some of the pros of a concealed tank toilet, let us assess some of the downsides.

Difficult maintenance


If there occurs a problem with the cistern or needs replacement it cannot be accessed and fixed easily as it is behind a tiled wall. In case of any water shortage or a problem filling the cistern, it cannot be manually refilled for flushing due to the same reason. A void in the wall behind through which a plumber can access the cistern is favourable.

Needs to be paired with specific toilet bowls


A concealed toilet cistern often requires a specific toilet bowl like a wall hung cistern or a wall facing cistern which comes along with a bracket that not only holds the toilet bowl in position but also secures it to carry the weight of the person sitting on the pan. The installation costs of this bracket along with cistern can be slightly expensive when compared to the normal toilet installation charges.

A little pricey


Considered as premium bathroom fittings, a concealed toilet is on the higher end in terms of cost as they are not as common as an exposed cistern toilet. Additionally, the flush buttons are sold separately depending on the colour and texture required, this is also an added cost. Jaquar’s I Flush systems are one of the most premium bathroom fittings in the segment that offers maximum value for money.

Now that we have weighed out the pros and cons of installing a concealed toilet tank, take into account the price, space and installation aspects and make an informed decision about buying a concealed toilet.

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