Why you should invest in an automatic soap dispenser?

With the growing need for safe hygiene during this global pandemic, bathroom sanitation is a rising concern for many. Especially since proper handwashing has been cited as an important practice to prevent COVID-19. For this reason, many are considering the adoption of sensor technology and contactless amenities in public and private spaces. This smart technology may be the future of bathrooms to prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria to the maximum extent.

This is because traditional faucets, bar soaps, and liquid soap dispensers see the most frequent contact, even more than the toilet flush. People wash and clean their hands a higher number of times than they use the toilet, and these surfaces become covered with germs. This is only made worse when an individual flushes the toilet and then washes their hands. In this process, the flush handle, faucet spout, and the nozzle of the soap dispenser’s pump become contaminated. Bathroom amenities like automatic soap dispensers and sensor taps, which usually work in conjunction with one another, are being considered more and more in this light.

What is an automatic soap dispenser?

An automatic hand wash dispenser is a device fitted in bathrooms that is filled with a liquid soap solution and does not require any form of contact to dispense soap. Instead, they are fitted with motion sensors that detect the motion of the hands, or in some cases, the infrared energy that is emitted through body heat. Upon detection of heat or movement, they automatically dispel a fixed amount of liquid soap.

Automatic soap dispensers are typically considered to be wall-fitted mountings since they are most commonly found and seen in public restrooms this way. But a sensor soap dispenser is also available as faucet spouts fitted into sinks, or as a portable bottle which closely resembles the appearance of a regular soap dispenser.

What are the advantages of a sensor soap dispenser?

While it is understood that an automatic liquid soap dispenser would help maintain hygiene, there are several other benefits that make it worth investing in.


An automatic soap dispenser is a touchless device, which helps to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between repeated uses. This is the reason that so many public and shared spaces have automatic liquid soap dispensers in the restrooms, like airports and restaurants. With hundreds and thousands of people using these facilities, the possibility for infection and disease are higher. However, this is not limited to the public sphere. In any given household, the use of soap dispensers will lead to the spread of germs continually. While it may not have been as alarming before the pandemic, this is no longer a risk that can be taken even between two family members. An automatic soap dispenser will prevent this and make maintaining sanitation easier.


With traditional dispensers, it may happen sometimes that too much is pumped out accidentally. And often, we ourselves do not know how much soap is exactly enough to cleanse our hands properly. Sensor soap dispensers are more economical because they are designed to dispense only a certain amount of liquid soap solution each time. This prevents the unnecessary waste of soap solution, which can save you money in the long run.

Easy to maintain

An automatic hand wash dispenser is a lot easier to maintain for a number of reasons. Bar soaps tend to leave impressions and residual soap in the holder, and regular soap dispensers are prone to drips and spills. This is not the case with a sensor soap dispenser. Moreover, regular bottles dispense unequal quantities based on the pressure used each time, which leads to the need to frequently refill the bottle. An automatic liquid soap dispenser can usually hold more soap at once, which helps bring down the number of times this needs to be done.

Stylish and versatile

An automatic hand wash dispenser always helps add to the style quotient of any bathroom space. The design is always sleek and minimalistic, and they can also be used for more than just liquid soap. An automatic soap dispenser can also be used to store and dispense hand sanitiser, hand cream or body lotion. Their use also extends beyond the bathroom area as they can be installed in kitchens and laundry rooms as well to dispense laundry detergent or dishwasher soap.

Apart from these advantages, automatic hand wash dispensers allow increased mobility and are easier to use for people across all age groups. With health and hygiene having become a key priority, these devices can make life a lot simpler. Check out Jaquar’s automatic soap dispensers and range of smart bathroom technology to make hygiene hassle-free.

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