Build your very own outdoor bathroom- Feel close to nature

Have you realized why there is a unique essence and thrill about jungle resorts or a staycation amidst lush greenery. There is a mystifying aura surrounding the large open spaces, the greenery, the fresh air which juxtaposes the busy lives people live in cities. Imagine if you could pair that experience with an unwinding ritual of bathing. Sounds like a fantasy fiction novel? You can live the experience with the concept of an outdoor bathroom. With many people upping their game of bathing to be synonymous with revitalizing, relaxing and being in the zen, an outdoor bathroom is the closest you can come to connecting with nature.

What is an outdoor bathroom?

As the name suggests, an outdoor bathroom is a bathing setup that is built outdoors. It essentially is in open space and without a roof when there is ample privacy. Building a bathroom outdoor might seem luxurious at the outset, however if you own a beachside house, or a lush garden or simply a villa/cottage cozied amidst greenery, an outdoor bathroom is just what you need. You can simply wash off all the sand from playing in the beach or working in the garden before entering your home and making a mess!

Building a bathroom outdoor can be the ultimate relaxation as you can be cut off from the rest of the world and soaking in the tranquil of nature, amidst tall foliage in your own private cocoon. It will be a drastic shift from the monotony of regular indoor bathrooms. This is why many luxury resorts have outdoor bathrooms for the perfect blend of luxury, open-air appeal without compromising on privacy. Here are some bathroom tips to build an outdoor bathroom

Create a firm foundation 

Since bathrooms and water flow always come together as a package, ensure you build a bathroom on a surface is sturdy enough to endure long-term dampness. Make sure there is adequate draining provision. Shop for the right materials that would make for a visually appealing as well as practical outdoor bathroom surface. Some of the popular choices are stone tiles, wood and concrete. Timber that is treated is a cheap option for flooring that can withstand rot and provide grip.

Brainstorm outdoor bathroom designs

If you have space in your backyard or near your porch, your mind might be racing with excitement and ideas to transform the space into an uber-luxe bathing station. Before getting muddled with too many ideas at once, go through some lookbooks and catalogues on outdoor bathroom designs to get inspiration. See which are the outdoor bathroom designs that are most suited for the space you have. Finalise what style your outdoor bathroom should reflect. Do you want it to be minimalist with sleek chrome faucets or rustic stone tile with a standalone white bathtub?

Get the basics right


An outdoor bathroom must have the same utility functions as an indoor bathroom. So you need to get the basics right. Even if there is no large space you must have a towel hanging rod, a shower head and a vanity mirror with a washbasin nearby. You can pair Jaquar’s Opal thin rim table top basin with a frameless, backlit vanity mirror to get the rustic aesthetics right. Install lights on the outdoor bathroom walls to use the bathroom at nights as well.

Outdoor shower installation

Once there is a well-located draining spot, outdoor shower installation of any kind is easy. If you are looking to create a vintage outdoor bathroom design, you can install the old-school body shower or overhead maze shower. You can also install a luxurious, multifunction shower panel with water jets to complement the modern, contemporary style of your outdoor bathroom. The best and economical outdoor shower installation to have a long, enjoyable shower is the rain shower! Are you taking a bath or getting drenched in the rain, you’ll never know! The large showerhead envelopes the entire body giving you the ultimate refreshing shower

Go for a luxury spa if cost is not an issue

As the saying goes ‘Go big or go home’, if cost and space-constraint is not an issue, go for a big, luxury spa to soak and indulge in the heavenly bath amidst nature. The massage jets and the optimum water temperature are sure to transport you to nirvana. Pair a two or three-seater spa with marble flooring or stone tiles, matte finished faucets to bring the luxury resort vibe home. Immerse yourself in the chillness of the water during the day, or soak in the canopy of stars above you during the night. Either way, a luxury spa is your best bathroom fitting for a luxurious outdoor bathroom. Choose from the various shapes, sizes and styles of luxury spas that suit your needs.



An outdoor bathroom is something that everyone should experience. If you have the space and budget to set up one, you should definitely try some of the listed outdoor bathroom ideas. Though there might be certain reservations about taking a bath in the open, once you try it there is no going back! A relaxing bath under the stars should feel no less than magic right?

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