4 Spa designs that will help you destress and unwind

In today’s age, people have found many ways to unwind when they are stressed. A few turn to a hobby that keeps them occupied while some look to gaming or exercising. But the most common and popular means to relax among many is a spa day or weekend filled with self pampering. The benefits of a hot shower go a long way in maintaining physical as well as mental health. But if you’ve tried ways of renovating your bathrooms and are looking for something more, it wouldn’t hurt to transform your sanctum using some of these spa designs. After all, the time spent in a spa is exclusive and trouble free and allows you to completely revitalize yourself.

Pro tip: You can complement any of these spa designs with aromatherapy for a spa day at home.

  1. Swim spa room design

Ever thought of installing a swimming pool but the costs are out of your budget? You then considered installing a hot tub but that’s too small? Your wish has been answered with a swim spa. A classic swim spa design is one that is an above ground installation, usually in open spaces surrounded by trees. You can set all your worries aside and bask in the beauty of mother nature while you enjoy your outdoor spa experience. Placing poolside lounge chairs around the set up allows you to take some time off and relax while you dry yourself. If you aren’t someone who would like to unwind in the outdoors in a swim spa, you can always install the system indoors. Ensure that you have a spacious house with a room that can contain the equipment with ease. You would ideally want to install your relaxation set up in a room with appropriate lighting that calms you. To receive the best benefits from your spa setting, we recommend a room with minimal lighting in the form of danglers along with scented candles or aromas that would guarantee an enriched unwinding experience.

  1. Hot tub spa room design

The best place to install a hot tub is in your backyard or garden so that you get a holistic experience while lazing in nature. If you are planning to install a hot tub in the open, consider building it surrounded by trees or in a quaint corner with minimal noise. A well lit walkway of stone surrounded by greenery is the perfect way to lead yourself into enjoying tranquility in your hot tub and reaping the benefits of a relaxing bath. However, if you are interested in building one indoors, your hot tub spa room design can include wooden flooring surrounded with walls with a colour that calms you. Ambient lighting and relaxation music will ensure that this spa design will relieve you of stress. To get that extra boost of relaxation, you can make your own bath bomb and add it to the water.

  1. An elegant outdoor spa design

Nothing beats unwinding in the outdoors after a long day at work. If you are someone who is one with nature and enjoys the birds chirping during the day or the serenity of the night, an outdoor spa would be the best fit for you. When you install your spa equipment outdoors, to improve your privacy conditions, you can set up a white curtain that surrounds the equipment. If you have a gazebo present, consider installing the spa equipment in the center of it or you can think of installing it on a raised platform. Surrounding the space with electric lamps or lights will add a tasteful touch to the setting that will help you soak into your bath.

  1. Minimalistic spa design

If you think you have spent too much on your spa equipment and don’t think you can spend more on interiors, a minimalistic yet graceful touch is what you are looking for. To give your minimalistic spa design a luxurious look, consider adding fixtures that are white in colour while the doors have a wooden finish. Adding a cluster of pendant lights on top of your hot tub will ensure you have an unmatchable relaxing experience..

Jaquar wants you to have a completely relaxing experience after your hard day at work and hence recommends spa designs that will surely do the trick. At the end of the day we all deserve an experience that soothes the body, mind and soul and a spa experience at home or outside does just that. Now, everyone can elevate their lifestyle with Jaquar’s wellness solutions

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